I've been going to Paul and Larry for seventeen years. It's the first call I make."
Cary Benjamin, TR Productions

"Straight Up's real asset is Larry's positive energy, strong musical background, and desire to help you attain your goals. They make recording at Straight Up a rewarding experience."
Rich Glenn, Songwriter

"You don't walk out of there with anything less than the best possible product and the fairest deal."
Rick Berlin, Songwriter, Recording Artist

"The demo work that I've done at Straight Up has gotten me miles and miles."
Patty Griffin, A&M Recording Artist

"Straight Up is just that - no watered down mixes."
Doshie Powers, Songwriter

"Great sounds and comfortable atmosphere. Straight Up produced everything I needed to record my first children's album."
Bill Staines, Nationally-known songwriter & performer

"The Swordfish Club does it all! Larry is a master recording engineer and a great player with monster ears. Paul can play and produce every style in the book and makes digital editing a breeze. I never go anywhere else."
Steve Cummings, Opporknockity Tunes

CONTACT LARRY AT larry@luddecke.com