Paul Lenart has been playing the guitar professionally for 40 years. He has toured Europe with the American Folk Blues Festival as a member of T-Bone Walker and
Big Mama Thornton’s band, along with legends Memphis Slim, Big Joe Williams, and Robert Pete Williams. While living in Hollywood, he appeared on Keith Moon’s (The Who) solo album, Two Sides of the Moon. In the '70s, he was a member of the James Montgomery Band, and recorded at Alan Toussaint’s Marsaint Studios in New Orleans. Over the last 25 years, Paul has been producing for the SONOTON Music Library, and writing and producing custom music in the Boston area. His productions have appeared on such diverse shows as The American Experience, Friends, American Idol, Saturday Night Live, Frontline, Parks and Recreation and Dateline NBC, as well as numerous commercials and films. Recently, he and Billy Novick received the inaugural Mark Award from the Production Music Association in Los Angeles for the Best Jazz Track in the production music industry!

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"Every project, every client, every situation is unique. I try to pay special attention to what is right for each one. One of the most important aspects of any job is a meaningful dialogue with your client. Communication is the key to success"