"It's great! You did it! Just what I was looking for and thanks so much for getting right on it. ....thanks so much."
Jamil Simon,
Executive Producer
Spectrum Media

I've been going to Paul and Larry for seventeen years. It's the first call I make."
Cary Benjamin, TR Productions

"Paul Lenart is great to work with. I needed original music for a series featuring legends in the world of horticulture. I went to Paul with a poorly articulated sense for what I wanted and he was able to gently work through what best suited my needs. The final bits of music were perfect for the series."
John Pelrine
Executive Producer
Great Gardeners (seen on Home and Garden Television)
Winner of Best Overall Production (TV), Garden Writer Association of America

"Paul is a very collaborative composer. He understood completely the kind of playful movement that was needed for Puppy Love. Paul composed and recorded a total of nine songs; a mix of bluegrass, blues, and folk guitar pieces that fit my project perfectly."
Kathy Venzke
Puppy Love

"The Swordfish Club does it all! Larry is a master recording engineer and a great player with monster ears. Paul can play and produce every style in the book and makes digital editing a breeze. I never go anywhere else."
Steve Cummings, Opporknockity Tunes

"Well, I woke up this morning, everything was wrong,
Peeked out my futon, everything was all wrong,
Went down to the Swordfish, Paul whipped up a song,
and everything was good again."
original blues lyric by Roy Doolittle, Stable Productions